Bundesbahnblues von Gerhard Bronner

  • Gesang: Helmut Qualtinger
  • Text/Musik: Gerhard Bronnner(Now I’m going to sing for you that old Bundesbahnblues!)[E]Oh I was travelling through this country, travelling with the Bundesbahn.
    Ah geh wusch ah geh wui!
    I said, I was [E]travelling through this country, with the doggone Bundesbahn.
    (I said) Ah geh wusch ah geh wui!
    Taking along my baby suddenly she was gone. Total verschwunden.And now I’m looking for my baby, isn’t it a doggone shame. Himmelfix no amal!
    I said I’m looking for my baby, isn’t it a doggone shame. (I said) Himmelfix no amal! (And I mean it!)
    There is just the Fahrplan, of the Bundesbahn to blame, zu blöd!

    Is she in Scheibbs, in Lunz, in Ybbs, in Schruns, in Wulkaprodersdorf, in Attnang-Puchheim ?
    Is she in Mistelbach, in Stinkenbrunn, in Zwettl or in lovely Wieselburg ?
    All I know she’s gone (and) somewhere im g’scherten Jogelland ? My poor baby!
    Is she in Hadersdorf, Weidlingau, in Kaisermühlen, Gänserndorf, Amstetten ?
    Is she in Breitenfurt, Klagenfurt, in Ischl [\’Gurgl\’ – Anmerkg.: Singt Qualtinger ?], or in Fuschl or in Graz ?
    Tell me where’s my baby, or I’m certainly going nuts, sonst wir i narrisch!

    Is she in Oberlaa, is she in Unterlaa, is she in Erlaa or is she in Laa an der Thaya?
    Dann schrei i Feuer!
    Is she in Bruck an der Mur, an der Ybbs, an der Donau, or is she in Bruck an der Leitha,
    and so weiter.
    This is no Genuß, I sing the Bundesbahn-Blues for my baby.

    I ask the Bahnhofsvorstand, I ask the Kassier, I ask the man who sells the heisse Würstel.
    I ask the Fahrdienstleiter, the man with the Beer, I even ask the Putzfrau with Bürstel.
    (But) nobody could tell me, Where my baby might be, not even Mister Waldbrunner !

    Since then I’m travelling through this country, using still the Bundesbahn,
    from Bludenz to Marchegg.
    Looking for my baby from Braunau to St.Veit an der Glan, but my baby is weg !
    Wearing out my shoes, Singing the Bundesbahn-Blues, Singing the Bundesbahn-Blues.
    Ba, ba, ba, ba, bu, bu, ba!

    Anmerkung: Texte in Klammer singt Helmut Qualtinger zusätzlich zum Originaltext